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Temper Guard Designed, developed and backed with over 20 years of heating and circulation experience, TemperGuard offers the same reliability and performance as all products manufactured by this worldwide respected company. With TemperGuard, on-site service, installation and support, you can be assured winter drilling remains efficient and economical even in the coldest of temperatures.

• Patent Pending
• 220V 21Amps
• 140GPM
• Thermostatically controlled
• Digital temp display
• GFI included inside assembly
• Weatherproof enclosure
• Circulates warm water through manifold system
• Closed loop design
• Easily relocated, lightweight
• Small footprint requires minimum space at drill site
• Plumbing installed via 4” threaded hole on front of tank manifold
• Will keep up to 30 tank manifold lines from freezing
• 24/7 service staff should any problems arise