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Environmentally friendly, safe to use.

Made of Food Grade Fibers and Polymers

Economical powder form,simply mix with water.

Non Corrosive (neutral ph), safe for the environment (not harmful to animals, fish, wildlife and humans), non toxic, will not harm personnel, vehicles or equipment.

Reduces dust as much as 80%

Simply mix with water and spray onto road surface.

Improves road base strength if incorporated into the road base and compacted with a sheep’s foot or pneumatic roller.


Duststomp Organic Road Products

Dust Stomp Organic Road Products
    DUST STOMP™ is a unique dust control

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    product containing natural plant fibers and
    polymers that attract dust particles together.
  • • Made of 100% food grade ingredients
  • • Seals pores in the road base to form a hard, durable coat which prevents erosion and helps control dust on unimproved road surfaces.
  • • Effective on all types of road base materials, from sand to heavy clay soils.

    DUST STOMP™ - Economical Dust Control

    Dust Stomp™ has the ability to be effective in dry weather, yet not run-off in the rain. The product is very resistant to breakdown by UV rays. It has the ability to stand up to heavy haul traffic, is applicable on any soil type and is 100% environmentally friendly, dust control/soil stabilization product. So to sum up all these points, it is environmentally friendly and it works!

    Another benefit of Dust Stomp™ is that it is available in powder form, allowing for easier transport and storage, as compared to traditional liquid dust suppressant products. The concentrated form of Dust Stomp™ allows for easier mixing and application. Dust Stomp™ is mixed with water and applied topically to the road or soil. Once the film dries on the road, it will eliminate dust and provide soil stabilization properties, while the film remains in tact. The product is non-corrosive and will not harm the trucks used to apply it or any vehicles using the Dust Stomp™ treated roads. As a matter of fact, this product is completely safe to be handled by personnel when mixing Dust Stomp™. Dust Stomp™ is utilized on gravel roads, logging roads, secondary roads, parking areas, construction areas, pipe yards or any recreation areas where dust is a problem and on any soil that requires dust control, dust suppression and soil stabilization. One application lasts from 1-3 months depending on traffic. The more you use Dust Stomp™ the better the results. The product does not dissolve away by the rain, UV rays do not break the product down and is reactivated after grading by adding additional water. One pound of Dust Stomp™ mixes with 8-10 gallons of water making it a very economical dust control.