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This product will save you money when watering your roads, hauling in new base or blading to smooth out the surface.  AQUAMAX improves wetting of the road materials by over 300%, aids in making water 鈥渨etter鈥? for fighting fires. Makes water do what it is supposed to do!!




Aggra Bond Organic Road Products
路 AQUAMAX is a unique, non-ionic wetting agent that aids in H2O absorption.
路 AQUAMAX increases the absorption rate of H2O by more than 300%.
路 AQUAMAX reduces the amount of needed H2O to wet the roads.
路 AQUAMAX reduces fuel costs.   
路 AQUAMAX reduces the amount of time spent watering roads or fighting fires.

DustStomp MSDS Information

Equipment Needed
Water truck, tankers

Soil Types
Any surface that is extremely dry.

Mix AQUAMAX in water truck or fire truck at a rate of 1 gallon to 4,000 gallons of H2O.

Package Sizes
330 gallon containers
55 gallon containers
30 gallon containers
15 gallon trial packs