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Equipment Required

Water truck with distributor
bar, grader, and compaction
equipment. Optional
equipment; pulverizer for
better blending of material and
a sheep's foot packer.

  Water Truck  






Aggra Bond Organic Road Products

AggraBond MSDS Information

AggraBond™ - The Boss of All Stabilizers

AggraBond™ is a unique soil stabilizer containing agents that attract soil particles to one another, to assist in compaction. This product seals the pores in the soil to form a hard, durable coat which reduces the plasticity index of the base material by as little as 50% and up to a full 100%. It also increases the load bearing capacity of the base. AggraBond™ increases the cementation process allowing road materials to bind together and reduce soil permeability to moisture, therefore increasing wet base strength and resisting rutting. This product reduces dusting problems on unimproved roads by binding loose materials together. AggraBond™ has no petroleum or petroleum bi-products.


Simply mix AggraBond™ with water, wet down road material between 4-6 inches deep with product. One gallon of AggraBond™ with 50 gallons of water will treat up to 20 cubic yards of base material. Make sure AggraBond™ is blended into the base material, add more water to bring material to optimum moisture, move all treated road base material to the side of the road and bring over 2-3 inches of material onto the road surface and pack. Continue this process until all the road base material is used, always making sure you keep the road base material wet. This is a very simple process that can be completed for less than $2,000 per mile in product cost.


Test Results

AggraBond™ was tested by an independent laboratory and was proven that it can lower the plasticity index of road base materials, helping to stabilize road beds. We have many satisfied customers throughout the United States. A competing product has been used in the Southern United States and the results of have been found to be less than satisfactory. That product costs between $5,000-$6,000 per mile and is made from a liquid latex. AggraBond™ was used in a test against this competing road stabilizer and performed as well, or better, in every test and for about 1/3 the cost.